Unfortunately we experienced significant unreliability with our original source of deep drawn pressed shells so we took the decision to have our own tooling made so that we would have our own shells pressed and thus have control over the essential supply of our raw material. This involved a considerable amount of capital investment and took over a year to realise but we got there in the end. The net result being that this has expanded the perameters of our activities.
With the policy of “sharing” we now offer, top and bottom shells in 1mm in raw steel and nitrided.
From the very beginning we have been using the tuning station as designed by Kristof Carnewal and his uncle Antoine. We tried to order a new tuning station in July 2020 but unfortunately Kristof’s response was that he no longer made these as he needed to concentrate on his pan tuning. I asked for his permission to reproduce these and it was willingly given so now we have expanded our activities to offering tools and equipment for hand pan making. From previous experience this aspect of our activities will continue to grow and expand.

The tuning station set
1 x bearing ring 15mm thick with 3 x bearings, 3 x rollers & 3 x locking rings. A pair of clamping rings each ring 8mm thick.
Top ring with M10 clearance holes Bottom ring threaded for M10 bolts + 8 x M10 bolts 15mm long. Complete set 550€. In the last 9 months steel prices have doubled and are likely to continue to rise because of the 300% increase in shipping prices. However we will maintain this price for our tuning stations for as long as we can.


Glueing rings
A pair of 4mm thick glueing rings with 16 M8 nuts & 4 x M10
nuts welded to the bottom ring + 4 x M10 legs Complete set €235

The removable M10 legs allow the bottom ring to stand freely . We then place the bottom shell on this ring and apply the glue. Once the glue is evenly spread we then add the top shell followed by the second glueing ring with M8 clearance holes. We then proceed to bolt the two rings together with M8 bolts.

A pair of 4mm thick glueing rings with 16 M8 clearance holes €125
N.B. 2 x rings only

Wooden sinking & smoothing hammers



Glue & Hand Pan oil

Merbenit HS60 € 20.00 per tube. Phoenix hand pan oil €23.00
We use Merbenit HS60 Universal Adhesive for glueing our hand pans & Phoenix hand pan oil for protecting our instruments.
To clean off any residue of adhesive we remove the bulk of the glue carefully with a sharp tool and then clean the remainder with very fine wire wool and rubbing alcohol. When these items are not available to you locally we can include them when shipping shells to you as there is space within the packaging.
We import Phoenix hand pan oil when we order hard cases so we only pay for the product and the import duty, thus eliminating the additional shipping costs.

We offer the same option to our customers regarding these two products.

We inquired with Merz+Benteli ag, the manufactureres of Merbenit HS60, as to the shipping costs for two tubes of glue from Switzerland to London and were advised that this would cost €70.00 so the opportunity to make a significant saving is worth considering.